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Murder Comes in Threes


A Hollywood filmmaker is blown to bits aboard his sailboat. Three weeks later, a controversial South Dakota judge is dispatched by a poison thorn. Another three weeks, and a popular televangelist is assassinated in Washington, D.C. Each had a list of enemies to rival the Manhattan telephone directory. Three clues are left behind: an overheard telephone call, a poison thorn, and a single bullet. All three cases end up in cold storage; then, nine years later, they land on FBI Special Agent Maggie Sachet’s desk. In a flash, the bizarre cold cases heat to a single, sizzling life-and-death danger point.   


Dearly Departed


Dearly Departed opens with an opening—exhumation of the body of a glamorous Russian-born film star, a double agent working for FBI Special Agent Maggie Sachet and Russian intelligence chief Vasili Selishanko. The exhumation launches a mesmerizing international spy story, with intelligence and counterintelligence plots, secrets and tantalizing revelations, and trickery from Hollywood to Arkhangelsk. A web of intrigue circles around an atmospheric scientist who apparently committed suicide by hurricane, an elderly Chinese widow with all the answers, and a dead body in Maggie’s bedroom. The ultimate burning question: Are the lives of millions in danger?  


What's Up, Pussycats?


Involved in this rambunctious romp into the worlds of sex research, publishing, and equal opportunities for successful women are an unfaithful husband, a devastatingly handsome FBI agent, a nerdish millionaire, a gifted 12-year-old going on forty, and a wacky government administrator with vengeance in his heart. Leading this cast of colorful characters are two enterprising women who find themselves in serious professional and financial straits. Determining that the path to fame and fortune is publication of a best-selling book on the sexual behavior of women in management, they plan to pick up where Kinsey (and those to follow) left off. The niceties of literary integrity are pushed aside in hurry-up plans for a fake sex survey, a research project that culminates in a controversial, nationwide conversation about sex in the workplace.


The Spy Who Tried To Stop A War


In the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, Katharine Gun, a young British intelligence officer, revealed a secret illegal NSA spy operation against the UN Security Council designed to ensure passage of a resolution for war.  Now considered a precursor to the Snowden saga, Katharine’s story just won’t go away. What happened when she blew the whistle in an attempt to stop the war made headlines around the world—except in the United States, home of the NSA. Martin Bright, London Observer editor at the time, calls this “One of the crucial secret stories of the Iraq war, told with great passion and sensitivity.”


The Spy Who Seduced America


Named Counterintelligence Book of the Year by the prestigious Association of Former Intelligence Officers, this Cold War espionage misadventure mesmerized the country as much as did the Rosenberg case that followed a year later. It had much of the country demanding death for the beautiful 27-year-old Department of Justice “girl next door” accused of spying for Russia, the rest insisted that she had been framed by the FBI. There was evidence, uncovered by the authors, that both were correct. Her trials in New York and Washington turned into circuses that made her a media darling, more popular than top film stars of the day.