Marcia Mitchell

Writer Marcia Mitchell has never shied away from the daring and controversial. Over several decades, her work has explored a variety of subjects topical to the times—from our relationship to science, to the role of women on the reservation and in the workplace, to chasing down real-life spies. Her experience with real-life spies has led to new writing adventures in the world of fictional espionage. Whether she’s writing the most serious non-fiction, weaving page-turning mysteries, or spinning wickedly amusing fiction, Marcia’s work is entertaining and enlightening. This, according to her New York agent, her children, and other thoroughly prejudiced audiences (as well as various bodies and associations who, over the years, have given her awards for writing). 

Praise for Marcia's Maggie Satchet Mysteries:


Brilliantly plotted and expertly varied, with genuine laughs, real suspense, and maggie's delightlfully mismatched friends.

Hollywood Screenwriter Sara Bernstein


An irresistable story of intrique, glamor, and murder across the globe.

Huei Flowers, London Film and TV Producer


Praise for Marcia's non-fiction spy books:


Reads like a Hitchcock thriller...A riveting tale of espionage and intrigue.

Robert Osborne, The Hollywood Reporter


Masterfully dissected, this spy case reads like a fantastic sage of the bygone days.

Gen. Oleg Kalugin, former chief of KGB Worldwide Counterintelligence.