Imagined Life

Marcia’s fiction ranges from the page-turning adventures of FBI Special Agent Maggie Sachet (Murder Comes in Threes and Dearly Departed) to a poignant mystery romance based on a true story (The Bridge to Somewhere) to the hilarious, irreverent comedy, What’s Up, Pussycats? 

Maggie Satchet Mysteries

Maggie’s stories are filled with colorful, and sometimes off-color characters, adventure, a touch of danger, and more than a touch of fun. A special agent of the FBI assigned to Bureau headquarters in Washington, D.C., Maggie is far from the stereotypical female agent/detective/cop. A stunning beauty, Maggie has a thing for Martinis (dirty, with three olives), old movies, and staying single. An incurable gourmand, her divine culinary accomplishments rival her investigative wizardry. Invited to dinner in Maggie’s Capitol Hill dining room, guests know they’ll get an appropriate classic movie before dessert. Lamb with Kalmatas and Aubergines, or Moussaka with stuffed grape leaves, means Anthony Quinn and Zorba the Greek are waiting in the living room.

A native of Los Angeles and a UCLA summa cum laude graduate (Phi Beta Kappa into the bargain), Maggie has just turned thirty, was Miss Long Beach during what she calls “an embarrassingly flighty period of my life,” and has patterned her career after her grandfather, Pops, a retired and respected FBI veteran. He is a better choice, she figures, than her womanizing father, who works (as little as possible) for his French family’s olive business in Provence; or her flamboyant mother, a Los Angeles lawyer who defends the kind of people Maggie and Pops like to see behind bars.

    Maggie earned her shield at the Bureau’s tough training ground at Quantico, Virginia, quite a different facility than when Pops was there—“ the good old days,” according to him. Back then, those who survived the NAT (New Agent in Training) course were taken to meet J. Edgar Hoover for a celebratory and terrifying handshake, and it was at that moment that Pops was infected with chronic loyalty for The Director. It was his duty, he was convinced, to shepherd his granddaughter in the Hoover tradition.


Now, meet Maggie in her first two adventures:

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The Comedies

What’s Up, Pussycats? is the rambunctious adventure of Susan and Myrna, who set out to get rich by publishing a fake sex survey and, in the process, get America’s professional women from coast to coast talking about their sex lives. A devastatingly handsome FBI agent (all of Mitchell’s fictional agents are very good looking), a nerdish millionaire, an unfaithful husband, and a wacky government administrator determined to put an end to it all.

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